Monday, August 29, 2016

Goodreads book tag!

Been a long time since I participated in the q&a like this... nice to be able to make time for the tag (from Sabrina of 

What was/were the last book/s you marked as read?
First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Chasing the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander

What are you currently reading?
I'm listering to The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. I still haven't decided if I liked the main character and the story. I'm so close in DNF'ing this... 

What was the last book you marked as TBR?
Daring the Wild Sparks (Wild Sparks, #2)

What book do you plan to read next?
The Ghost of Christmas Past by Michael Hebler - an ARC, no book cover yet.

Do you use the star rating system?

Are you doing a 2016 reading challenge?
Failed twice so no, I'm not doing it EVER again.

Do you have a wishlist?
Right now, nothing. I just want to relax... often, I find new books 'exhausting'. The VA series and its spin off (re-reading) is making me busy...

Do you have any favorite quotes? Would you like to share a few?
Used to have but no longer remember any of them. 

Who are your favorite authors?
Tolkien, Richelle Mead, Kristen Ashley and Keri Arthur.

Have you joined any groups?
Yes, lots of groups everywhere! I remember even stalking members for their reviews! Uhmm no longer active for years .... blogger is crazy lazy now.

Tag yourself too, happy reading!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book Spotlight with Excerpt: Elemental Myths Series by Nicole Pouchet

Elemental Myths 
Volume 1: A Paranormal Romance Series
by Nicole Pouchet

Series Name: Elemental Myths
Books in this Volume: 1-3
Official Length: 466 pages
Date of Publication: April 26, 2016
Publisher: Nicole Pouchet

About the book:

Embark on a unique Incan mythology-based urban fantasy quest to save humanity. In this three-book volume, three women must discover and be true to their destinies as the battle between gods and goddesses rages.

** Second prize winner in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award **

(Book 1)

In a pre-Incan society ten thousand years ago, Ceiba is the living vessel of the Mother Earth goddess. Duty dictates her coming marriage to the god of the spiritual realm’s living vessel, Malc. An irresistible love draws her to the guard sworn to protect her.

(Book 2)

Life is finally on track for fledgling stage actress Layla Cohen until she realizes her gorgeous new director, Sebastian, is the star of the erotic dreams which she’s been having for months. She could handle the uncomfortable work situation if not for the further evidence she’s losing her mind: The wind suddenly whooshes at her command; memories of a past life emerge; and she’s sure someone is trying to kill her.

Meanwhile, director Sebastian Tawanti is steering his small D.C. theater company into the big-time with his Incan mythology-based play. The culmination of his life’s work, he won’t let anything stand in the way of his play's success--not his mother's objections, not the inappropriate heat he feels for Layla, and not even the mysterious, empathic symptoms he's experienced since meeting her.

As Layla and Sebastian struggle with new love and burgeoning power, a sinister force unravels to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will they learn the truth behind the Incan mythology script in time to save their lives, the love they’re destined to share, and the future of humanity?

(Book 3)

D.C. lawyer, Annie Birch, believes her life is one logical assessment after another. That changes, however, on the day she accidentally teleports during a high-profile negotiation. Knowing her new power must be a side effect after miraculously getting healed by the Incan Mother Earth goddess doesn’t help matters. Annie has already seen how emerging powers like hers also come with psycho villains that are bent on destroying her, as well as the corporeal world.

The icing on the cupcake of her ridiculous day is two gorgeous men who show up on her doorstep, both vying for her attention. Now, her choices involve much more than her oft-neglected libido. Annie is tasked to play a role in the Incan prophecy, which she prefers to watch from the sidelines. Will she stick to her safe, legal path? Or will she defy all logic to experience the decidedly more fun adventures being thrust her way?


Purchase your copy


About the author

Nicole Pouchet is a memoirist and a paranormal romance novelist. Books from her Elemental Myths paranormal romance series have enjoyed spots on Amazon’s Bestseller list. Layla’s Gale, A Paranormal Romance won second prize in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Additionally, Cadence’s Cauldron, A Paranormal Romance won an Honorable Mention in the 2014 RWA Pages from the Heart Romance Novel contest.

Still amazed to be an adult, Nicole has managed to center her life on raising her two small sons and being true to her family (including husband and friends). She resides in Issaquah, Washington where she is a marketing executive. Happiest near the water, Nicole spends her free hours plotting her next escape, writing, and staring at the ceiling.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Recommended Read: Gooseberry Island by Steven Machester

Gooseberry Island
by Steven Machester

Amazon 5-star rating - 68%

About the book:

They met at the worst possible moment...or maybe it was just in time. David McClain was about to go to war and Lindsey Wood was there at his going-away party, capturing his heart when falling for a woman was the last thing on his mind. While David was serving his country, he stayed in close contact with Lindsey. But war changes a person, and when he came home very little had the same meaning that it had before – including the romance that had sustained him. Was love truly unconquerable, or would it prove to be just another battlefield casualty?

Gooseberry Island is the most nuanced, dramatic, and romantic novel yet from a writer whose ability to plumb the depths of human emotion knows few peers.

Book review originally posted in February 2015

The story of Gooseberry Island focuses on David McClain, a ranger who had a one time war trip in Afghanistan. When he met Lindsey Wood, he believes he found his soul mate in her. Both tried to make the long distance relationship work and have been counting the days til his return to Gooseberry Island. 

Bad things happened with David and his war brothers. Right after they traveled back home, all of them suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is so common for those who served in combat. Lindsey is a daughter of a war veteran who after more than 20 years, the man is still suffering PTSD. Although she loves David so much, she believes it is highly likely that they would separate as she saw this happen to her mom and dad.

Gooseberry Island for me is not at all just a love story. It talks about friendship, family, pride, honor, etc. It was such a heart-warming story. I love every character, not just David and Lindsey. Every story made my heart ache especially Big Al's and Max's. I know someone who married a soldier who is on a war tour and recently she was complaining that she didn't get to see enough of her husband and their babies are looking for their dad. Ok, it was not really complaining but more like a frustration over raising their kids alone. I know she loves the man so much and she reminds me of David and Lindsey. 

I highly recommend this book especially to those people on LDR (long distance relationship) / who are married to a soldier. 

Purchase your copy

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