Friday, July 3, 2015

Hi I'm Jenai and I've got CANCER!!

Sooo just an update with my health issues (blogger on sick leave), after my tonsillectomy done last May 30th, I was diagnosed having Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) or cancer of the lymph nodes. 

NHL was not really sinking in until I told family and friends about it. This started late last year, I thought I'd eaten a lot of sweets and my sore throat wouldn't go away. I knew by November there must be something really wrong with me because my meds couldn't make me better. Well, I'd get better for two to three weeks then sore throat would go back and this became a monthly episode until in January, my right tonsil had swollen and a very small lump in my neck appeared.

I went to different doctors, a number of ENTs and pulmonologists, private and public hospitals. Doctors from best hospitals advised me to either have my right tonsil removed or I could wait until it gets bigger. Oh, sore throat stopped around February and I was well for months. 

My brother who had his tonsillectomy done in the city told me to talk to his doctor in the province because his operation went that bad, that he had to go in for another surgery days after his first. I put it off, as I was okay. Early April, went to this doctor, who by the way had his education in Europe but chose to practice in a provincial hospital where his family resides. Right after I showed him my right swollen tonsil, he immediately advised to have it removed because it looks like cancer! The only doctor who knew the signs! 

So after that I immediately went back to the city and had set up an appointment to a new ENT doctor, told him outright I want to have my TONSILS removed ASAP! I remember him asking me why I don't just go back to those doctors I had been seeing before so they can check on my history. Would I ever consider going back to those who never told me I could have cancer??? NEVER! If I had known, I could have scheduled the operation months sooner! Luckily, this new ENT doctor was soooo good and sooo nice to me. He made sure I was well taken care of. When I found out the results of the biopsy, I was with my husband. Oh it was like I was dreaming, like I was watching a movie. I remember crying while talking to him and he was like 'oh dear, at least it's curable, the treatment is very responsive for this type of cancer'. Oh goody that's really good to hear!

I've had my first dose of chemo on June 27th and next will be July 18th. My hair has yet to come off. I'm terrified what it would do to my kids (9 and 6 yo). I told them about my illness and mommy won't be a normal mom for a while. It hurts to tell them the truth *sad face*.

Annnd back to blogging matters, due to that devastating news, I will be on extended sick leave. . .  I can still read and that's what keeping me busy right now but I'm not sure about posting reviews on time and stuff like before. So soorry authors and publishers ;( I'll update you guys when I can! 

God bless you!

I am still a bit disoriented from the chemo drugs, sorry if I missed out something important to tell about NHL... I'll write again when I'm better!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guest Author: Michael Pang

I would like to thank Jenai for allowing me to share a little about my young adult paranormal fiction novel, IN THE EYES OF MADNESS of the DECLAN PETERS CHRONICLES series, and myself. Let me start off saying that I’m a huge fan of the paranormal and urban fantasy genre.  I feel that I already spend most of my day in the real world (going to work, playing and taking care of my kids, and spending time with my wife). When I open a book, I want to dive into a world that is magical, where anything can happen.  So, one might ask, well, why not just pure fantasy novels?  Fantasy novels tend to build amazing magical worlds that can allow the reader’s imagination to completely run free.  I would agree with that. And I do enjoy a fantasy novel every so often for that reason.  However, urban fantasy has the ability to cause a paradigm shift from how we would view our everyday life.  They like to twist the things that would seem mundane into things that really make you wonder.  And when you then add the paranormal theme to these urban fantasies what you end up with is a masterpiece that drills down the dark forbidden paths that you would avoid in real life. These stories tantalize your curiosity, fear, excitement, and bewilderment all at the same time.  

I guess I would say that the idea of my novel came to me in a somewhat mystical way.  About four years ago, my wife and I had our first baby. Months of sleepless nights went by and we both looked like zombies. Then, one night a very strange dream (more like a nightmare) came to me about a teenager working in a mental asylum. The patients there were all gaunt and ghastly with very abrupt demeanor changes. Some of the things the patients were doing were fairly odd and supernatural (like levitating, retrieving objects via telekinesis, and speaking with multi-vocal projections). And I remember wandering to myself, are these people all just insane or demon possessed. Then the teenager went into a room and called the patient residing in the room, “mom.”  She turned around abruptly, and the expression on her face was terrifying as she pounced on him. I woke up immediately. As shaken from the dream as I was, I couldn’t help wanting to find out what happened to the teenager.  I tried to go back to sleep in hopes of getting the dream to continue.  But it didn’t work.  The next morning, I told my wife about the strange dream and how I had hoped that it had continued when I went back to sleep.  So my wife told me that it sounded like it would make an excellent novel and that I should write my own ending. 

And over the past four years, I’ve been working hard (writing and re-writing) this story.  It’s funny how things tend to fall into place.  When I started writing the story, my role within the energy company that I was working at the time for had changed. And I ended up traveling almost every month.  There were just so many movies that you can watch on the plane before you get extremely bored, so I continued my writing while I was on the plane and at the airports during a layover.  Were I at home, I think I would have spent the time with my wife and kids instead.  And now, four years later, I published my 222-page novel, IN THE EYES OF MADNESS, with Sola Fide Publishing.  IN THE EYES OF MADNESS is volume one of the DECLAN PETERS CHRONICLES series. You can expect to dive into a magical world that mirrors our own. Explore hidden secrets behind the heroes and the villains that are sure to keep your minds wondering.  


Declan Peters Chronicles Volume 1
by Michael Pang

Series: Declan Peters Chronicles
Paperback: 222 pages
Formats available: Paperback, Mobi (Kindle), and Epub (Nook)
Publisher: SolaFide Publishing
Publish Date: April 30, 2015
Available at on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

About the book

A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions.

Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she's being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality.

What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he's ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he's yet known. In a place, rife with demonic possession and sadistic beings, will Declan finally be able to find the answers he's longed for before its too late or will he succumb to the evil forces that inhabit the institution and all who live there?

Read book excerpt HERE

For more information about the book, please checkout the website:

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Book Review: Dreams of Perfection by Rebecca Heflin

Dreams of Perfection
(Dreams Come True Book #1)
by Rebecca Heflin

Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (July 16, 2014)

Kindle Edition
File Size: 3690 KB
Print Length: 276 pages
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (May 5, 2014)
Publication Date: May 5, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Note: I received a review copy of this book free from the author, Rebecca Heflin. The review posted below is based on my personal thoughts while reading the book.

My thoughts:

I immensely enjoyed reading this book! I know I swore before that I am done reading the "in love-with-best friend-story". Often, they are all the same, it's like re-reading an old story. Glad that Ms. Heflin did a good job in writing a believable and heartfelt friendship/romance between Darcy and Josh. It was really such a relief for me that she was able to make it right. Character dialogue felt authentic, love the humor, really had fun reading this. 

My only complain is the magical element here. I didn't see it coming and I hated it. It would have been a perfect book for me if not for that 'magic'. Anyway, I have book # 2, I am excited to read Laura's story! 

About the book: 

Best-selling romance writer Darcy Butler is holding out for perfection in the form of her own carefully-crafted heroes. Once blissfully engaged to be married, Darcy’s post-traumatic commitment phobia is depriving her of the very thing she wants most: her very own happily-ever-after. Now, here she is just six months shy of her thirtieth birthday, and not a Prince Charming in sight. 

Successful lawyer Josh Ryan is the boy-next-door with a soft spot for the less fortunate, and Darcy’s best friend without benefits. Darcy often comes to him lamenting her love-life, or the lack thereof, whereupon Josh patiently doles out his sage advice. Problem is Josh is in love with Darcy. 

But when Darcy finds herself looking into the handsome face of the man who graces the cover of her soon-to-be-released novel, she’s convinced her dreams of perfection have come true. Or have they?

About the author:

Rebecca Heflin is an award-winning author who has dreamed of writing romantic fiction since she was fifteen and her older sister snuck a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss' Shanna to her and told her to read it. Rebecca writes women's fiction and contemporary romance. When not passionately pursuing her dream, Rebecca is busy with her day-job as a practicing attorney.

Rebecca is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Florida Romance Writers, RWA Contemporary Romance, and Florida Writers Association. She and her mountain-climbing husband live at sea level in sunny Florida.
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